C10 Card beacon

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C10 Card beacon
C10 Card beacon

Advertise iBeacon & Eddystone simultaneously

Bluetooth® 5.0 chipset nRF52 series

3 years battery lifetime with default settings

IP68 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and explosion-proof

The max. 80 meters advertising distance

Protocol Options iBeacon Yes
Eddystone Yes
Advertising Advertising interval From 100ms to 5000ms
Tx power -40dBm, -20dBm, -16dBm, -12dBm, -8dBm, -4dBm, 0dBm, 4dBm
Additional configuration options Configure mode; Non-connectable mode
Configuration app BeaconSET+ for Android/iOS
Radio Version Bluetooth low energy 5.0
Frequency 2.4GHz
Chipset nRF52
Antenna PCB antenna
Range Up to 100 meters
Enclosure Material ABS+PC
Color White(custom color and logo are available on demand)
Size 85.5×54×4.5mm
Weight 18.5g( LF,HF )/15.5g (UHF)
Battery Replaceable No
Capacity 800mAh (LF,HF)/550mAh (UHF)
Model Li-Poly battery
Features Accelerometer sensor Optional
125KHz RFID (LF) Optional
13.56MHz NFC (HF) Optional
868~915MHz RFID (UHF) Optional