i11 Road Stud Beacon

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i11 Road Stud Beacon
i11 Road Stud Beacon

Advertise iBeacon & Eddystone simultaneously

Bluetooth® 5.0 chipset nRF52 series

3 years battery lifetime with default settings

IP68 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and explosion-proof

The max. 80 meters advertising distance

Protocol Options iBeacon Yes
Eddystone Yes
Features Unique power on/off way Cut off the cable to start the device
Tough housing Dustproof, shockproof and explosion-proof
High waterproof grade IP68
Diverse installation method Double-sided adhesive, screws fixing, epoxy bonding and strap binding
Product Compliance Certification CE, FCC, Bluetooth QDID/EPL
Warranty 12 months
Application Configuration App “BeaconSET+”, iOS and Android system
Radio Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Engergy 5.0
Chipset nRF52
Antenna PCB antenna
Transmission Interval From 100ms to 5000ms
Transmission Power -40dBm, -20dBm, -16dBm, -12dBm, -8dBm, -4dBm, 0dBm, 4dBm
Range up to 80 meters
Battery Model 1pc ER14505 battery
Capacity 2700mAh
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Battery life up to 3 years
Construction Material ASA
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 25mm
Weight 140.0g
Color White, other colors can be customized