Rock Beacon

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Rock Beacon
Rock Beacon

Programmed MiniBeacon standard firmware

Included 1pc 1000mAh coin battery

The max. 100 meters advertising distance

Ultra-low power consumption chipset nRF52 series with ARM core

Easy to print the logo on the center of top case



Supported ios 7.0+, android 4.3+, apple iBeacon™ standard, bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) devices

Battery Lifetime

18 months, real time battery level notification

OTA and J-Link

Supported OTA, reserved J-Link port on the board for programming

Configurable Parameters

UUID, major, minor, device name, password etc., special configuration APP

Transmission Power Levels

8 adjustable levels, range from 0 to 7

Transmission Power Range

-30dBm to +4dBm

Soft Reboot

Reboot the device via command without any tools

Connection Mode

Advertising mode, non connectable, configuration mode, connectable


3M brand adhesive for direct mounting to wall


Case Color

White, pink, green, can be customized

Battery Model

1 x CR2477, 1000mAh, 3.0V

Operation Voltage


Transmission Circuit

10.5mA (Max.)

Transmission Range

Maximum 100 meters


50ohm, on board/PCB Antenna


Double adhesive

Net Weight

26.0g, with battery


Ø 50 x 15 mm