A great cost-advantage BLE module!


Your ideal choice for cost-constrained applications. 

The much-anticipated Module MS46SF11 developed by Minew is coming with  excellent quality and very attractive price.

The new superstar MS46SF11 is compact size, highly flexible, ultra-low power wireless BLE 5.0 module based on leading brand Nordic nRF52805 SoCs. Integrating a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex® M4 CPU, a 192KB flash memory, a 24KB RAM and a 2.4 GHz Transceiver, the module is a perfect solution for Bluetooth connectivity.

nRF52805 Module MS46SF11 is ideal for cost-constrained applications such as beacons, disposable medical devices, sensors, smart wearable devices, consumer electronics, security equipment, automotive equipment, sports and fitness equipment, instrumentation, remote controls, etc.

Use Cases

A great cost-advantage BLE module!

It allows faster time-to-market with high performance, low power consumption, strong signals and reduced development cost.Its range is up to 60 meters in open space.

BLE modules are packed in tape & reel and each reel contains 850pcs. Minew allows discounts for high-volume demands.

 A great cost-advantage BLE module!

Learn more about nRF52805 module or buy samples here:


Minew is a professional BLE module manufacturer located in Shenzhen with productivity of up to 30,000pcs per day. We committed to innovation, design and production of high-quality products the market demands. 

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